reflection on a ceiling mounted dome

The double lecture hall in the Arts Centre is quiet but for the tapping of hundreds of laptop keys. Behind the lectern the English prof is skimming her notes to make sure that everything’s covered. She glances up at her audience. Smiling at the sight of all those students typing furiously, she she shuts down the PowerPoint presentation.

“That’s it for today. If anyone needs to see me about the assignment I’m back on regular office hours this week.” As the professor packs up her materials, a general exodus is underway in the cheap seats, as notebooks are shut down, and personal effects are gathered up.

Mouse looks over at Eric, bent over his cellphone. “You take very good notes. Maybe I could borrow the ones from the days I missed last week when I was sick?”

She watches Eric peering at the tiny screen then thumbing in a quick message before nodding to her.

“Sure thing Mouse. Monday and Tuesday?” She nods. “Email later, okay?”

“Excellent, yes, Eric, thank you. That will be a big help.”

A text flashes on his phone screen and suddenly Eric is in a hurry, nodding as he pockets the phone and snaps his laptop closed and stuffs it into the case. “Later” he grins and is gone in a blur.

Mouse turns to Amelia, who seems to be having a job repacking her computer case. Isn’t it funny how everything that came out doesn’t want to fit back in.

Mouse asks, “Would you care to join us for a walk in the woods?” but Amelia shakes her head no.

“Sorry, Mouse, I’ve got to work.”

“OK,” Mouse smiles. “Maybe next time,” and Mouse follows Jose up the steps. Amelia watches them go. Or rather, watches Jose go. Watches his nice tight buns ascending the stairs. Too bad. A walk in the woods would have been nice. Especially with Jose.

Amelia sighs, hoists the case over her shoulder.

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