Coming up with 140 images to illustrate 140 chapters of the Inconstant Moon serialization turned out to be a much larger job than I thought.  Although I have terabytes of my own original digital images scattered over various hard drives, there were chapters that needed images that were a little more tailored.

Creating the Party Aftermath Shoot

Back in my own college days, when my classmate Sam was shooting a party sequence for one of his films, he recruited my friend Mary and I as extras.  The bit of business that we settled on was to use loose tea leaves in a baggie of “stunt pot” to roll “stunt joints.”

Tea leaves in a baggie still make an excellent marijuana stand-in today, so I used green tea to help recreate a party aftermath to photograph for Chapter 107. These are some of the other photographs from that shoot.

looking down

I had found wide short rectangular images most effective, so this was too square.

Another that was just too square, with no good way to crop the image.

This image is too much of a mess, it's too busy.

This one is too sparse; it isn't messy enough.

The six pack box is too prominent. And besides, 6 pack? College? No way.

Not bad, but the prominent text on the pizza box makes it too much like product placement.

The nicely framed artwork behind the bottles makes it rather more upscale than I remember student life

A little too neat. It is a hard balance to strike.

Final Pick

empty bottles, pizza boxes, matches and a paggoe of stunt pot

I thought this one hit the right balance; and I added a photoshop filter to give it that "bleary" look