hat brim, digital SLR, fingers
1st year Photography student Jake lives in the Fyfield House Residence

Everyone knows that Jake:
1. doesn’t look old enough for university, but
2. he is a brilliant photographer. Maggie jokes that he looks young enough to be Justin Bieber’s younger brother.

The sad fact of the matter is that Jake *is* young. He is one of the unfortunate smart kids who was put ahead in elementary school. Being smarter than everyone is one thing, being smarter and younger than everyone is even worse.

It wasn’t so terrible in the third grade, but once his friends started discovering the opposite sex in middle school, they didn’t have time for him. Nobody wanted to hang around with a little kid. That’s when Jake began spending less time with real people and more with computers. And when he started immersing himself in photography.

Now that he’s older (and is himself interested in girls) Jake is happy to find himself with a social life at Christie. He chose Christie for the chance to study with the legendary Annie Mol, but the distance from his Vancouver home town made it irresistable.

Although he is a bit of a computer geek, having written his first javascript hack back in the sixth grade, Jake never considered taking computer science, figuring he would be able to keep playing with computers as an extra curricular. Jake has an affinity for equipment; he’s found that hardware rarely disappoints. Machines don’t ask you for an age of majority card, they just work.

Even though he hasn’t attained Ontario’s drinking age, no one has stopped Jake attending pubs. Liz assumes Jake is just a young looking eighteen, and he isn’t about to tell her he’s only sixteen.

As a rule, students tend to socialize within their departments, engineering students with engineering students, physics students with physics students. But not Jake; he befriends computer students and astronomy students and happily intermixes them with photography classmates.After spending so much of his formative years limited to online socializing, Jake is making up for it now by collecting a wider range of acquaintances than most.

Jake looks up to Ethan, who strikes him as being cool. He’s comong to considers Ethan and Liz his best friends, but that doesn’t stop him spending the lion’s share of his free time hanging out with the Computer Club, due in large part to his crush on Krystal.

Jake’s Links

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Image Credits

Jake’s face was borrowed from Agnolo Bronzino’s “Portrait of Ludovico Capponi” a 14th Century work of art in the public domain