the graphical japanese lettering representing Aikido

black and white digital drawing of the character Adam

A 2nd year Computer Science major, Adam is a local boy living in town with his father and brother; commuting to Christie University in his second hand car.

Adam lost his mother when very young, and his social skills have been fighting an uphill battle ever since. In an attempt to counter the bullying Adam faced on entering the public school system, his father signed him up at the Aikido Dojo, and Adam never looked back. The discipline and philosophy of “the Way of harmonious spirit” have become an integral part of Adam’s life.

Growing up in the shadow of an admired older brother who is an IP lawyer, Adam is somewhat out of step with his peers, who tend to thumb their collective noses at increasingly restrictive copyright laws. As Adam struggles to fit in at Christie University, his new classmates and computer club friends have exposed him to a whole new world of music and art with less restrictive licensing.

three martial artists lined up with their hands arrayed

Adam’s Links

Royalty free music for professional licensingSadly the Jamendo player requires Flash; alternatively you may visit the Jamendo site to hear Pablo Lentini Riva:

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Quirks and Quarks

A long time classical music afficionado, Adam is just discovering music on Jamendo. Pablo Lentini Riva’s classical guitar renditions of Bach is currently Adam’s favorite.

Much to his surprise, since the concert, Adam has been hearing refrains from Black Eyed Peas music running through his head when he works, humming their songs, and even searching their videos out on YouTube. He is quite impressed with Fergie’s agility, and thinks she would do as well at Aikido.


Aikido_Kanji by Jan Stępień released inder a GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.2

Lineup 2 by Dan Goodwin under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) License

Pablo Lentini Riva shares his album ONCLASSICAL – Monsieur Blancrocher – Classical music (guitar) on

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BLACK EYED PEAS Now Generation @ Madison Square Garden on YouTube