1st year English Lit student resident in Fyfield House

Eric suffers the misfortune of being a poet at a time when poetry is at best considered a minor art. A dreamer who wants to weave words into art, and so he has studied poetry from Shakespeare to Leonard Cohen. Although he’s a dreamer, he doesn’t think either plays or novels are his thing, nor does he want to spend a lifetime teaching about the art of others. He wants to create his own.

Eric is very much aware any poetry he’s likely to publish will be at a loss. He realizes he needs a different way to make money from his gifts, and so he has hit on the idea of following in Cohen’s footsteps and writing song lyrics.

The only problem is that he isn’t at all musical. But how hard can it be?

white rose

Between high school graduation and heading off to Christie, he was blindsided when his high school sweetheart gave him the boot and headed west to Vancouver Film School. He didn’t understand what happened, but found that he could pour much of the heartbreak into his poetry. The problem is that these poems far too personal to show anyone, let alone publish.

He’d taken this rejection as a sign that he was destined to spend the rest of his life alone, and was coping manfully until the first time Elsie smiled at him. When Elsie chose him in his first week at Christie he was blown away. Eric has a pretty good odea who his housemates are, but didn’t get to know many of them at first, since Elsie and getting used to the university course load kept him hopping. Jose, Mouse and Amelia are the people he knows best, since they are in his residence and in many of his classes.

He was surprised at the depth of his feelings for Elsie, which are much stronger than what he’d had with his high school sweetheart. He sees an uncomfortable parallel with Romeo’s infatuation with Rosaline. But suddenly poetry stopped being dark and laden with angst, now it began to soar into the the stratosphere of light and beauty.

eric sits in a pub, laptop open, staring out the window deep in thought

Eric is a dreamer, born into the wrong century for poetry

Silver statue of Shakespeare located outside at the Ontario Stratford Festival on a sunny day

Will Shakespeare at Stratford

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