A 2nd year Computer Science lives in apartment off campus while attending Christie University

For Krystal, the best thing about Christie is Jose. She was in the campus pub by herself in the first week, and she literally ran into him when she was on her way to the bathroom. It was a love at first sight deal for her, even though he didn’t really seem to see her, just flashed the smile that melted her heart and excused himself before continuing on his way.

She watched him sit down at the table of stoners, and she later learned he hung out with them most of the time. Krystal paid particular attention to the way he looked at the over endowed blonde, and so the next day Krystal was inspired her to bleach her hair and invest in a couple push up bras.

Although she’s in the second year of the program, Krystal transferred to Christie from Ryerson. Coming from a small rural Ontario town called Paisley, she wasn’t comfortable in Toronto, not to mention she was having a hard time keeping up with the course load, so she decided to try a small town university instead.

Growing up as a pampered only child, she values her privacy to much to want to be in residence, so she opted for an off campus basement apartment. Combined with the bus pass it’s a little more expensive, but for Krystal it’s worth it to have her own space.

Krystal’s parents are pillars of the community, and very active in their church. Naturally she couldn’t wait to get out on her own. After spending most of high school in braces, hanging out with the nerds, Krystal decided she needed a makeover for college.

Thinking part of the problem with Toronto was her drab wardrobe, she spent more of her student loan money than she could really afford on clothes that her parents wouldn’t approve. Worse, they would be shocked to learn she told everyone her name is Krystal rather than Christine, the name she was christened with.

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I borrowed Krystal from Sofonisba Anguissola’s portrait of Archduchess Johanna von Austria