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Get the new Paperback Edition of Inconstant Moon from CreateSpace here.

Inconstant Moon for the Kindle is now available on Amazon.

An ePub edition of Inconstant Moon is available on KOBO.

You can download an ePub of Inconstant Moon from ebook.bike
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For a digital review ePub copy, please drop me a line.

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You will not find Inconstant Moon:

  1. on Smashwords, because I removed it. Smashwords will only pay authors via PayPal, and that’s too high a price for me. Also, “Free” digital copies from Smashwords are not really “free” to the reader after all… Smashwords extracts a cost in privacy, by requiring reader registration. But now you can download a truly free copy from TUEBL, above.
  2. nor will it appear on the reportedly wonderful Barnes and Noble NOOK ereader. This publishing platform is not available without an American street address. Since I’m not willing to move south or resort to subterfuge, the only way to get my novels for the Nook is to acquire it in ePub format and upload it yourself. For an ePUB version, drop me a line.