a keychain fallen on the floor

Elsie sits at her computer, organizing her notes. Glancing at her watch, she rolls away from her desk, wondering where Eric is. He gives a mean massage and she could use one, but has to settle for neck stretches and rotations.

Surprising, really, he hasn’t called or anything. Just as well, she has to get this done, and he’s been becoming a bit of a pest lately. Pah. Men are supposed to be the ones who want sex without ties.

Except Eric. He wants commitment.

But she simply can’t afford it. Sex is all she has time for. Some fun to ease the stress. Med school is the only priority. She simply does not have time to spend in relationships and emotional negotiations. Which is not to say she doesn’t want a nice uncomplicated roll in the hay every so often. Maybe a little more. Twice daily is good. She smiles at the memory of Chuck this afternoon. Very talented, that one.

Distracting, even, so she checks email to see if Eric … shit. She was supposed to meet him for dinner but, well, Chuck was a temptation she couldn’t pass up.

Dinner date interruptis, so now there’s petulant email from Eric. So much for a massage.

She’d thought a dalliance with Eric would be just the thing, but maybe it’s been a mistake. He has such wonderful skin though. Smiling a Mona Lisa smile she thinks about him, then shakes her head to realigns her focus.

Work. This has to be done for tomorrow. Maybe she should think of cutting him loose. Not yet though. She’s not done enjoying him just yet. There’s something about the boy, addictive almost. Stop thinking about him. Get the work done.

He probably just wants to punish her for standing him up.

But he won’t be able to stay away. Rolling back to the desk she stubs her her toe on something hard and irregular. Twisting around and under Elsie sees what it is.

Eric’s keys. Hmmm.

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