leaves in the sun

Quentin snores gently, Barbie and Jose are asleep too. Mouse gathers her things and jiggles Quentin’s shoulder.

“I have to go to a class Quentin, but somebody should be awake. Too easy to rob sleeping people, yes?”

Bleary eyed, Quentin nods, rubbing his head, “I got it, Mousie.” He struggles to sit up. “Man, that was good shit.”

She grins enthusiastically and waves before jogging back toward the main path.

Quentin flips open his phone, and scrolls through the calendar. He’s missed one class already, but probably slip into the art theory snooze without getting busted. School just makes him tired. But he wants Tamara to be happy.


Much as he’d rather kick back in the sun, he knows he has to go, so Quentin reaches over and gives Jose a shake.

“Hey man, Mouse’s gone, and I’ve gotta go too.” Stretching, himself awake. “You guys probably don’t wanna sleep out here, you know.”

Staring up at the soft clouds, Jose says, “Yeah. I know.”

Quentin grins, “Later, dude,” and is gone.

Jose stretches and yawns hugely before rooting around in his backpack and pulling out a water bottle. He unscrews it and takes a swig, then sets it down beside him, crosses his arms and rests them on his knees and watches the water running along the creek bed. Jose does more stretching, then some yawning and now he’s awake. He wants something sweet. And Goldilocks is laying there waiting for him.

He sure likes the girl. What’s not to like? Does she like him though? She seems to, flirting all the time. Not a bad time to find out. Another sip of water, and he lays back again on the grass. Rolls on his side, watching her sleep. Pretty girl all right. White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Doesn’t act it though, smoking up with Catholic boys like him and Q. Hell, he’s the Latin lover type, right? The corner of his mouth turns up as he thinks about that one.

Watching the girl sleep is pretty intimate. Her breath is on him. Better wake her up. He reaches out a finger and runs it along her jaw. She smiles, mumbles something. He leans closer, to hear. Right. He touches her shoulder.

“Hey Barbie, it’s getting late, we gotta go.”

“Mmmm, just a few more minutes.”

He smiles, this time running a finger along her lips. Her eyes open, she looks right at him, “Mmmm, Jose, hey.”

He sees an invitation in those blue blue eyes, and he leans in, kisses her gently. Oh wow, she’s kissing back.

He can’t believe his luck. She pulls him close, really going to town. He hugs her back, enjoys the way she’s so aggressive, the way her curves feel against him, kinda nice. Really, really nice.

Barbie’s legs circle him, pulling him in.

He’s almost light headed from the kissing when her hands grab his and push them under her sweater … Oh my.

He can’t believe this is actually happening, maybe he’s still asleep and this is the mother of all wet dreams, oh much better than he could have imagined. This is the real deal here in his arms, this is Malibu Barbie rubbing all over him and it is sure happening. He’s rising manfully to the occasion and …

Then all of a sudden it isn’t.

Barbie sits up and tugs her sweater down, suddenly modest. Or maybe just awake. Dammit.

“Oh my god Jose, what are you doing?”

“Me?” Jose shrugs, lowering his eyes “I was just trying to wake you up. You’re the one jumping me, girl.” he smiles his soft smile at her. “Not that I mind or anything.”

She sits up and looks at him. His big brown eyes look away, suddenly embarrassed. Cast downward, those gorgeous thick eyelashes veiling those bedroom eyes. “Oh my god,” she thinks, “he’s blushing.” She doesn’t have trouble buying his story because, Jesus, she’s wet. She smiles; he is yummy. And she has thought about Jose, dreamt about him too.
More than once.

And man she’s ready for him. More than ready. He’s a better kisser than she’d expected but. Sexy as the boy is, he is just not a hustler. Jose is hot, alright. But he’s not going to set the world on fire. A hard worker, sure, but he’s not going anywhere extraordinary. And he won’t be so hot when he gets a pot belly, starts balding. He’ll teach elementary school in some nowhere town, married with a bunch of kids, be a good dad, join the Lions, PTA, have a wife, couple of kids in soccer, the works. Great life for some girl.

Just not this girl. Seeing her cousin get hitched this weekend ’cause the silly twit got herself knocked up was bad enough. That is just not gonna happen to her. Bright lights, big city, glamour and glitz, that’s the ticket.

“It’s okay, Jose. Sorry, I didn’t mean to, um, bother you.”

She glances down at his straining jeans then quickly looks away, her breathing shallow. So easy to scratch the itch, but she knows damn well Jose would expect her to be his woman. Which would mean she’d have to chuck her plans. No, no. no.

He nods. Looking over at her with those big dark eyes. Licks his lips, her turn to blush. He’s not being subtle at all as he looks longingly at her. She better watch it or she’ll be the one making babies. Uh uh. No way. No how. Not this girl.

“I gotta go.” She grabs her stuff and takes off without a backward glance.

Jose lays back and sighs. It was too good to be true.

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