A radio tower with a globe on top and movles to indicate broadcasting, text says  and a WIFI Internet Access

Adam sits at the wheel of his car outside the record store.  He drums his fingers on the dashboard, waiting impatiently for the store to open.

The problem is that it doesn’t even look like there’s anyone inside yet.  He glances at his watch, then gets out of the car and goes up to the door.  White painted letters tell him the hours of operation.  The store doesn’t even open until ten.  That’s ridiculous.  And people wonder why there’s a recession on.

He’ll be late for class if he stays and waits.

Ruin his perfect record.

A surge of anger prompts Adam to punch the wall by the door in frustration.  The impulse is instantly regretted as skin breaks and pain shoots up his arm.

Clutching skinned knuckles he stuffs his wounded hand into the protection of his armpit.  Clenching his teeth he paces back and forth in front of the unhelpful storefront.  Eventually  the waves of pain subside.

With the pain level dropping to manageable, Adam returns to the car and opens the door with his right hand. He climbs in, being very careful not to injure himself further as he pulls the door closed.  Examining his knuckles he notes the scrape will certainly leave bruises.  But the skin is only broken in two places.

Adam shakes his head ruefully.  What a stupid thing to do.

Reaching under the passenger seat Adam pulls out his first aid kit.  A little rubbing alcohol, a couple of Band-Aids, and a few breathing exercises later, he’s good as new.

At this point he decides to stay.

Going back for Web Design now will make him miss at least part of Computer Architecture after lunch since he’ll have to come back.  Better for his schedule if he stays.  Some people cut classes all the time.  Of course, those people don’t have his grade point average.  Still, missing half a lecture is hardly going to ruin his life.  Maybe it’s time he started taking control.  Be the master of his own destiny.   Adam smiles.

He pulls out his laptop, he could at least do some work from here.  While it cycles through the start up Adam waves around his Wi-Fi finder.  Not a whiff.  He’s surprised.  Sure, Canada may have terrible connection speeds and some of the worst price gouging in the world, but it’s not the UK so there is usually some open Wi-Fi to be had.

Except there does not seem to be any around here.  This is the old part of town, and, well, really, this store still calls itself  a record store.  A thought.  Maybe they sell records not CDs.  He jumps out of the car and goes to peer in the window.  He’s relieved to see CDs in there.  Still, it is old tech when you get down to it.  Maybe they don’t even know what Wi-Fi is.

It doesn’t look like that bad a neighborhood.

Just nothing looks very new, maybe that’s it. Older businesses run by older people probably.  He pulls into a parking spot right in front.

Driving around will turn up something.  Settling the computer in the passenger seat he pulls the seat belt around to secure it, then places the Wi-Fi finder on the dashboard.  Snapping on his own seat belt he starts the car and drives more downtown, keeping an eye on the finder.

The LED starts to pulse as he nears the library.  Something to be said for coming to the library before it opens; good parking anyway.

Adam’s watch shows it is only eight thirty.  Well.  He can at least get some work done anyway while he’s waiting.

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