Fyfield House Residence  Liz - 1st Year,  Photography   Natasha Panov - 1st Year,  Photography            Elsie - 2nd Year Med School       Maggie - 2nd Year, Computer Science Amelia  - 1st Year,  English Lit            Mouse (Miese) - 1st Year,  English Lit                        Boris Horvat - 1st Year,  Photography Jake Lee - 1st Year, Photography Ethan Sumner -  3rd Year, Photography, T.A. Oscar Trenneman - 2nd Year, Computer Science  Jose  - 1st Year,  English Lit     Ethan Sumner - 1st Year,  English Lit        Married Student Residence  Quentin Bradbury - 1st Year, Photography                       Tamara Burroughs Bradbury - 1st Year Med School                          Kate Stone - 2nd Year, Computer Science                   Nick Stone - Teaching Assistant - 3rd year Med School  Living Off  Campus  Adam - 2nd Year, Computer Science Barbie Janzen - 1st Year Med School         Krystal - 2nd Year, Computer Science  Supporting Characters Val Thompson, Security Chief (former student) Detective Lewis,  the lead detective Detective Wolfrom, junior partner Colm Molony,  the other "M" Neil Molony, the nephew Miss Brooks, former "M & M" employee