startled birds take flight in autumn

Jake climbs out from under the rough lean-to of branches he’s assembled to create the ‘hide’ he set up so he could photograph wildlife. The problem is that all the wild things took off when that girl screamed. He’s been dead still for probably ten minutes and there hasn’t been any sign of anything since.

But it’s just occurred to Jake that it might be another attack happening out there.

Right Now.

After all they never did catch the real rapist.

Jake starts back along the deer trail he followed to get to this spot. He’s pretty sure the scream came from this direction. The more he thinks about it, the more sure he is that that prick is actually attacking someone out there.

And the creep didn’t just rape Natasha, he beat the shit out of her too. Jake knows very well that he himself is not a big powerful guy. If he goes over there and tries to confront the rapist he could just as easily get beaten to a pulp.

Wouldn’t it be smarter, not to mention a better use of resources, simply to call the police? It would be a heck of a lot safer to get out of the woods and back to the Res where he can find help.

Somebody tough like Boris.

Until it hits him that might be Krystal getting attacked. Jake starts moving faster.

Then he starts to run.

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