Residence apartment building in the moonlight, one light onThe LEDs on the alarm clock show 3:00 a.m.

Maggie is laying on her back in bed, staring at the ceiling with red rimmed eyes when she hears her cellphone vibrate on the night table. She grabs it and rolls onto her side to talk into it softly.

“Hey baby. No that’s Okay, I was awake. How was it?”

She listens to his stories for a while. Then it’s her turn.

“I’m just having a bit of a hard time sleeping.”

She listens, then, “No way, I wasn’t worried about you and the strippers.” Maggie listens to him talk a bit, then she says, “Yeah, of course I trust you. I mean you’re my guy and all but more important is you know I’d kill you stone dead if you stepped out on me.”

Stuart talks some more, and Maggie giggles. “But it’s not gonna be forever. Even if I was there no way would I be going to a stag with you.”

Maggie listens some more, then smiles sadly, “Yeah, I was thinking about her. You know me too well.”

She listens again. Then, “No, she doesn’t want anybody to know, but yeah, I told her I’d tell you.  You know she’s right. If people knew they’d treat her different.” Maggie brushes her eyes.

“Hell, I know I do. I try not to … no, not even Katie. Just talk to me …” Tears are running silently down Maggie’s face. “Yeah, I wish you were here too, babe, ’cause I could sure use a hug.”

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